Very often online-stores need to do promotions, so they need proper tools for it. These module tools allow to do it very easy. You will have the possibility to create banners and show it in site. The module enables using few banner types with different settings. You can link banners to selected products and use it as attributes. Stores can set carousel slider and banner image to a homepage or different other pages. And you will be able to create custom banners or slider for each product. If you want it, then it is necessary to create banners and assign it to products in product edit form.

So this module will allow you to create promotion banners with different settings, to generate carousel sliders and to set banners or carousel sliders to selected products.


This module will be excellent if you need:

  • to set sliders on different pages;

  • to do individual banners for each product (for example, if you want to mark some products as “best”);

  • to set different sliders for each product;



Reasons to use:

  • Very comfortable way to create banners and to combine saved items in a slider;

  • There is the easy way to customize products;

  • It is effortless to extend this module and add functions if you need;


General Features:

  • Navigation buttons (like as "next" and "prev" buttons)

  • Auto image rotation

  • Custom banners for each product;

  • Captions and titles


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